Paint Your Pet and wine tasting event recap at Pickles Play land!


Whats better than dogs, art, and wine?! Not a whole lot if you ask me! I recently had the pleasure of photographing the woof and wine paint your pet event at Pickles Play land’s Issaquah, WA location. And let me just say this was such a fun and unique way to spend a day together with your dog, or even just your significant other. This wasn’t your average paint your pet event- it was paired with a fantastic wine tasting of delicious wines from all over the world and a resulted in gorgeous creative paintings of your pup, at any artistic level.

Learning how to do the art

More Than Just a Playground: Unleashing Creativity at Pickles Playland

Pickles Play Land isn’t your typical doggy day care. They also offer grooming, training classes, and even a selection of boutique pet supplies. The facility was clean and I would of never guessed it was a doggy day care when I walked in, no smell what so ever. They offer a variety of events and activities designed to bring the community together, and their Sip & Paint is a prime example. This event transforms their spacious facility into a vibrant art studio, and plenty of room for both artistic exploration and playful pup antics.

A wagging good time

A Beginner Friendly Paint Your Pet Event

Here’s what you can expect at Pickles Playland’s Woof & Wine:

  • Guided Instruction: No prior artistic experience necessary! A talented teacher led the session, guiding us step-by-step through the project. And everyone was painting a picture of their own pet, so they were not all the same! Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, you’ll be surprised by what you can create in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with great instruction.
  • Paint Your Pup (or Anything You Like!): While the theme might be dog-centric, you have the freedom to personalize your masterpiece. Capture your furry friend’s likeness, paint a scenic landscape, or unleash your inner abstract artist – the choice is yours! I saw the cutest painting of a cat with a bird on its head!
  • Sips and Snacks (for Humans Only!): The wine tasting was led by a very knowledgable wine importer. He introduced each wine and poured throughout the event. We tasted wines from New Zealand, Brazil, and of course some WA locals…just to name a few! I learned as much about wine at this event as I did touring Napa Valley! Each table was also supplied with a variety of snacks like hummus and pita chips, and a variety of nuts and crackers. Also, there were non alcoholic beverages too.
  • Playtime for Pups: While we were busy channeling our inner artist, the pups got to enjoy some playtime in Pickles Play land’s play area. The session opened with some pup play time and socializing, allowing the fur kids to settle in before we dived into our art project. And, no you didn’t have to bring a dog to attend. There were plenty of people there that were thrilled to be loving on so many dogs at once. Seriously though, if a date ever took me to an event like this I would be thrilled!
The finished art pieces!

A Perfect Day for Dog Lovers and Art Enthusiasts

The Woof & Wine Paint your Pet event at Pickles Play Land is the perfect way to spend a quality evening with your furry best friend and human ones too. It’s a chance to bond over a creative activity, create a lasting keepsake (your masterpiece!), and meet other dog-loving art enthusiasts. So, grab your pup, your besties, and check out the next upcoming dog friendly event at Pickles Play Land!

Bonus Tips:

-Be sure to check Pickles Play Land’s website or my private face book group for pet lovers for upcoming pet friendly events and register in advance if they allow, as spots tend to fill up quickly!

-Exercise that body and brain prior to arrival. Make sure your pet has had some form of exercise prior to arriving. Check out my guide to area dog parks!

-If your pup isn’t into partying with other canines, it may be best to leave him home for these events are there is a lot of off leash energy in the room!

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