The Best Unicorn Experience Near Seattle

Live unicorn portrait experience

Are you on the hunt for a magical unicorn photoshoot? Look no further! As an equine photographer with a passion for all things magical, I am thrilled to offer the best unicorn experience near Seattle, with real live unicorns.

Discovering My Passion: From Horses to Unicorns

live unicorn experience
Our live Unicorns will enchant your whole family

Nestled on our whimsical family farm in Fall City, just outside of Klahanie, WA, I’ve been blessed to share my home with the most magical creatures imaginable – my very own unicorns. These majestic beings have captivated the hearts of everyone they meet, including mine.

My passion for horses was ignited at a young age, drawn to their grace, beauty, and spirit. It was no surprise to anyone when I dove into the journey of horsemanship as an adult. My first horse, Thor, an all-white appaloosa quarter horse, has been by my side since the beginning. He’s not just a horse; he’s my closest friend, and I fondly refer to him as my own little giant unicorn.

As I started into the world of equine photography, it was only natural that I wanted to capture Thor’s magic on camera. Seeing how much he relished the attention (and treats!) during our unicorn-themed photoshoots, I knew I had stumbled upon something truly special. And just like that, offering the best unicorn experience near Seattle became an integral part of my photography business.

The Ultimate Unicorn Portrait Experience

Unicorn Portrait Experience
A boy enamored with our small unicorn

Imagine stepping into a fairy tale where dreams come true and magic fills the air. That’s exactly what awaits you at my unicorn portrait experience. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be transported to a realm where all animals roam freely (even unicorns) and imagination knows no bounds.

During your session, you’ll have the privilege of spending time with your very own unicorn companion. Whether it’s a majestic standard-sized all-white unicorn or a charming black and white paint mini horse unicorn, each one is sure to steal your heart. Our unicorns are not just models; they are beloved members of our family herd, cherished for their gentle nature and playful spirit.

As you bask in the presence of these mythical creatures, I’ll be on hand to capture every magical moment. From whimsical frolicking to tender moments of connection, your unicorn portrait session will be nothing short of extraordinary, and result in stunning portraits for your walls to be cherished for generations.

Unicorn Portraits Made Easy

At Beyond the Stables Photography, we believe in making dreams come true with ease and convenience. That’s why we provide everything you need for the ultimate unicorn photo session. We offer a selection of dresses in our client closet to use during your photoshoot so you dont have to worry about having the perfect ensemble. All you need to do is show up and prepare to enjoy the best unicorn experience just outside of Issaquah, WA.

Book Your Unicorn Experience Today

Unicorns for everyone
Our unicorns are gentle and sweet

Don’t let this magical opportunity slip away! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply craving a dose of enchantment, our unicorn portrait experience promises to exceed your wildest dreams.

Join us at our whimsical family farm just 30min east of Seattle and let the magic unfold before your eyes. Book your unicorn experience today and prepare for a journey into the realm of wonder and delight. Your unicorn adventure awaits!

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