Ballard Locks Park; A picture perfect dog spot

Dog portrait session at Ballard Locks
A bench provided the perfect prop

Ballard Locks Park – Seattle’s own secret garden. As a pet photographer in Seattle Im always scouting out gorgeous outdoor locations, and this park is the perfect portrait backdrop. I recently had the pleasure of working with Rex, a sprightly husky mix with a heart of gold (and a serious case of the zoomies). Our mission: capture the connection between Rex and his mom, with some beautiful flower blooms involved. The Ballard Locks Park turned out to be the perfect location.

Ballard Locks Park provided the perfect canvas for this mission. We started our journey near the entrance, where a wide pathway lined with flourishing greenery offered a classic “dog in the park” look. Rex, ever the charmer, strutted down the path with his tail wagging furiously, sniffing every interesting blade of grass along the way. The dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves created a warm, inviting atmosphere, while the vibrant green foliage added a touch of natural elegance to the portraits.

A Perfect Blend of PNW Variety

A gorgeous spring setting

As we ventured deeper into the park, the scenery began to shift, offering a variety of backdrops that kept the photos fresh and exciting. We reached a clearing that overlooked Fisherman’s Terminal. The industrial backdrop, with its towering cranes and docked fishing boats, added a touch of urban grit to Rex’s playful personality. Here, I captured him inquisitively sniffing the air, his head tilted as if he was trying to decipher the symphony of industrial sounds emanating from the terminal.

Next, we followed the path towards the iconic Ballard Locks themselves. The cascading water and the constant flow of boats provided a dynamic backdrop unlike any other. Rex, initially a bit hesitant near the rushing water, soon warmed up to the unique sights and sounds. I managed to capture a few candid shots of his ears perked up in curiosity, his fur glistening in the afternoon sun.

But of course, a dog portrait session wouldn’t be complete without capturing Rex’s playful side. The magnolia trees near the locks offered a gorgeous spot to capture Rex’s personality. This are offered a huge variety of blooming trees, that were absolutely gorgeous, and fulfilled our goal of getting some blooms in the portraits.

Ballard Locks Park; a story telling location

Dog and mom enjoying spring at the ballard locks

Throughout the session, the beauty of Ballard Locks Park wasn’t just a backdrop – it became an integral part of the story. The park’s diverse landscapes allowed me to showcase Rex’s multifaceted personality – from his inquisitive nature to his playful spirit. The walk itself was not only a way to capture different scenes but also a way to keep Rex engaged and happy. The fresh air, the open space, and the chance to explore all seemed to heighten his natural charisma.

By the end of our adventure, Rex was happily exhausted, his tongue lolling out in a contented sigh. And I, on the other hand, had a camera roll full of heartwarming portraits that perfectly captured the essence of this special dog. Ballard Locks Park, with its unique blend of natural beauty and urban vibes, proved to be the ideal setting for this creative endeavor. So, if you’re looking for a place to capture the essence of your furry companion, reach out to me and let’s create some magic at this gorgeous gem in Seattle. Just be prepared for some serious tail wags and unforgettable memories!

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