Top Pet Stores in Issaquah, Washington

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Issaquah really has everything you need, for both human furry residents alike (or feathered, or scaled!). Whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or a new pet owner, Issaquah has a fantastic selection of pet stores catering to all your animal care needs.

As a former vet tech and now pet photographer I often get asked what pet stores I use. So I put together this comprehensive guide for the top pet stores in Issaquah, with a bonus entry for a fantastic option in nearby Sammamish! Each offers unique products, services, and expertise to keep your pet happy and healthy. So, grab your leash, hit up some local dog parks. Then, after Fido has had his fun check out all of pet stores in Issaquah, WA!

As a small business owner myself, I have to put these locally owned pet stores first! Sometimes I find the cutest most unique products at the mom and pop shops!

Unique to Issaquah Pet Stores:

  • The Grange Supply: Steeped in history and serving the Issaquah community since 1934, The Grange Supply is a true gem. More than just an Issaquah pet store, it’s a full-service farm, lawn, and garden store. And, animal lovers won’t be disappointed! They offer a wide range of pet food, treats, and supplies for a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and livestock. They also carry a selection of equine tack and western wear, making them a one-stop shop for horse and livestock owners alike. The friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer your questions on pet care, gardening, and even offer tips on raising chickens or other small farm animals. The Grange Supply is a unique Issaquah experience and I find myself shopping there quite a bit!
  • Pure Wag: Just outside Issaquah in Sammamish, Pure Wag offers a haven for pet pampering. They stock top-notch natural pet supplies, delicious treats, and playful toys. Plus, their grooming services keep your furry friend looking and feeling spiffy. And, you can order online for local delivery or convenient pickup!
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Locally-Owned Gems:

  • All The Best Pet Care: Craving a personalized shopping experience with a focus on high-quality, all-natural pet products? Look no further than All The Best Pet Care. This Issaquah gem is a haven for health-conscious pet owners. They offer a curated selection of raw food, freeze-dried diets, and grain-free kibble, along with a variety of natural treats and chews. They also carry a wide range of eco-friendly toys, grooming supplies, and pet supplements. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at All The Best Pet Care are passionate about pet wellness and can help you create a customized nutrition plan for your furry friend. 
  • Mud Bay: A beloved name in the pet care community, Mud Bay offers a welcoming and knowledgeable shopping experience for pet owners of all kinds. They are such a popular Issaquah pet store that they actually have two locations in town. Their stores provide a vast selection of high-quality pet food, treats, toys, beds, and accessories for every furry (or feathered) friend. Beyond products, Mud Bay offers a self-service dog wash and grooming services, making it a convenient one-stop shop for all your pet’s needs. Their staff is passionate about animal welfare and can provide valuable guidance on choosing the perfect products for your pet’s specific needs.

National Chain Powerhouses:

  • Petco Issaquah: A familiar face in the pet care world, Petco offers a one-stop shop for all your pet essentials. Their extensive inventory includes high-quality food, treats, toys, bedding, and accessories for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and small animals. Petco also has staff readily available to answer your questions and guide you towards the perfect products for your furry friend. They provide grooming services as well, making it a convenient location for a complete pampering session for your pet. 
  • PetSmart Issaquah Pet Store: Another national giant, PetSmart is a haven for pet lovers. Their spacious store features a wide variety of food brands, treats, toys, beds, and apparel for all kinds of pets. They also offer a robust selection of aquatics supplies and a dedicated section for small animals. Beyond products, PetSmart offers a variety of services, including grooming, training, boarding, and adoption events. Their staff is passionate about animal welfare and can be a valuable resource for pet parents seeking guidance. 
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